The Competition in Russia held in Serpukhov north of Moscow.
A lot of time and effort went into this competition that focused on the revival of the traditions of the Cossacks. The stables and archery track were set in a dense forest. We witnessed a traditional Cossack wedding, dancers, songs around the fire Very big, fast horses. There is a reason why there is Vodka on the breakfast table.
The Cossack style on the archery track was the most nerve-wracking as this was the first time I had to use a sharp sabre. There was no practice run and the sabre was so sharp, that it cut clean though a water bottle, by only relying on the speed of the horse.
The hospitality was enormous and the families working together, from Grandmothers to grandchildren looking after the needs of the competitors.
The competition ended with a grand tour of the Kremlin palace and the private chambers of the Romanovs.
The most impressive to me was the Hall of Heroes. Names of every Russian here are carved into the marble walls with the description of their deeds dating back centuries.
Truly a must-do competition.