Our school for falconry is running in partnership with East Coast Falconry.
We started in 2017 with East Coast Falconry as our first instruction course and now 2023 will be open to the public for bookings. Falconry is a very time-consuming sport that requires constant dedication and devotion to keep and properly maintain a flying bird. This sport is not for everybody, but if you feel that you would like to know the basics of falconry and see if you have the time and patience to care for a bird, we offer a weekend introduction course.
NOTE: We do not teach you to hunt with the bird, but what it takes to properly take care of a bird and possibly assist you in pursuing the sport of falconry.


We mainly use self-bred, Harris hawks for our introduction training program.
The Harris hawk is a very forgiving bird and will tolerate small mistakes from the beginner. Currently, we have 5 adult birds available, and we can handle 10 people on one course.


We offer a weekend introduction training program to the basics of falconry. This will give any enthusiast the opportunity to get a full understanding of what it takes to be a falconer and to take care of a bird.

The course covers the following:
* Introduction to Falconry
* Introduction to basic equipment
* Types of falconry birds
* Making/creating anklets, jesses
* Manning a bird
* Pick up and Approach.
* Carry and handle the bird
* Weighing a bird
* Documenting the bird’s weight and behaviour
* Feeding and food preparation
* Weekly feeding planning
* Flying the bird
* How to cope the beak
* How to imp ( repair ) a broken feather
* How to identify and treat a sick bird
The course runs from a Friday Afternoon, until Sunday afternoon.
All the required equipment can be bought from www.eascoastfalconry.co.za