Johan du Toit

Johan is also the founder and owner of Middernag Gedagtes School for Falconry and Horseback archery and the name was inspired by his own dreams.
He started horse riding at the age of 40 years young and his dream was to do long-distance riding and to become a proficient horseback archer.
He has completed close to 5000 endurance kilometres Have completed 4 x Fauresmith 200 km endurance rides.
After a shoulder reconstruction surgery in 2017 (from using the wrong archery techniques and
equipment) Johan has competed locally and internationally in the following countries:
• Iran 2018, 2019 and 2021,
• Kazakhstan 2018,
• Russia 2019
• Mongolia 2019
• Turkey 2022
He assisted in the drafting of the first IHAA online judges’ course and is also a current IHAA level 2 judge.
Currently, he holds an IHAA horse archer 4 Grading.
Johan has been an active falconer working with Harris Hawks since 2018.

Gabbie du Toit

Gabrielle du Toit (Gabby) is an energetic and enthusiastic endurance rider and horseback archer.

She loves every aspect of horse riding and falconry.

With 16 years of horse-riding experience – which includes 4 years of endurance and 4 years of horseback archery.

She has successfully completed 200 endurance kilometers and 2 Fauresmith 200km endurance rides.

She holds an IHAA Horse Archer 2 grading and has also competed in the WHAF 2023 World Cup Qualifier.

Jethro Sinararwo

Jethro is a full-time groom, endurance rider, horseback archer and falconer and has done so for the past 7 years. His core function is to maintain and train all our horses for endurance riding and horseback archery.
He has completed 1 x Fauresmith 200 km endurance ride and has groomed and supported on 5 additional ones.
Jethro has completed thousands of kilometres of horse riding and has competed in various horseback archery competitions including the WHAF World Cup Qualifier in Jan 2023.
He has worked with untrained horses and birds to a point where both are people-friendly and safe to handle. His calm confident approach to working with animals makes him one of our most valuable assets in the team.


Moolmanshoek Shadow

UV 014767
Age : 17 years
Breed: Arab cross boerperd
Gender: Gelding
Shadow is our oldest, wisest, and most experienced endurance horse and archery companion. He always put the safety of the rider first weather you are old or young.
He has completed close to 4500 endurance kilometres and has completed 3 x Fauresmith
200 km endurance rides. This horse will teach you about patience.
He is also the MAASA national champion 2019 with Daniel Griffin.

Moolmanshoek Nisr

UV 019950
Age: 13 years
Breed: Arab cross boerperd
Gender: Gelding
Nisr is the half-brother of Shadow and always wants to please his riders. Female riders are his favourite. He has completed close to 1,500 endurance kilometres and competed in various horseback archery tournaments.
In WHAF World Cup qualifier 2023 South Africa, Nisr gave two riders more podium positions than any other horse.


UV 019143
Age: 12 years
Breed: Arab
Gender: Gelding
Swayze is has completed close to 2500 km endurance rides with various child riders and has competed in various horseback archery tournaments including the WHAF 2023 World cup qualifier.
He has also completed his second Fauresmith 200km.
He is a gentle hard-working boy that can do both slow and fast disciplines. Perfect horse for novice riders.

Vidiko Raman

UV 018914
Age: 12 years
Breed: Arab
Gender: Stallion
Raman is a true champion. He can do both endurance and horseback archery and has completed multiple competitions.
After breaking his left knee in 2020 the vet wanted to put him down. He has since then made a full recovery and is competing in horseback archery. He needs an experienced rider.

Maalik Al Fars Ejaz

UV 022447
Age: 8 years
Breed: Arab (Straight Egyptian)
Gender: Stallion

Ejaz is also the half-brother of Raman. He has completed his novice endurance ride phase and is considered ready to compete.
Ejaz has done various horseback archery competitions including the WHAF 2023 World Cup qualifier.
He is a gentle you boy who will first test the rider but is also very keen to please.

Moolmanshoek Saluki

UV 023730
Age: 6
Breed: Arab
Gender: Gelding
Saluki is a dream in the making. He is the first foal of my first endurance mare. We’ve been blessed to watch him grow into the most promising endurance and horseback archery prospect.
He has completed his endurance novice phase and can now start competing. He has also helped me get to my first H5 grading on both the tower and raid tracks.
Keen to work and keen to please.