Horseback archery is mostly shooting a traditional bow while riding a horse. Through many ages and thousands of years, mankind has developed and used horseback archery very effectively in war. The Mongolians, Hungarians, Turk man tribes, Koreans, Russian Cossack and many others, each developed a target style set up to suit their own combat or attack requirements. Re-created today into a structured modern type of martial art sport, it can be enjoyed by all ages. Our main archery track is a 130 m Hungarian style, set up with a rotating target. This gives the rider one focus point, and the body needs to turn and follow the target from a front shot all the way to a back shot. With this style, the aim is to canter as slowly as possible, which takes more balance, and to follow the target with the shoulder line and to shoot as many arrows as possible. This helps to set the foundation and basic horseback archery principles of the sport. There are faster styles but it does not create such a solid foundation as the Hungarian archery style. We also have a 220 m Track at the Rosefield Polo Club in Doornrandjies, Pretoria, where we have hosted local and international competitions on various styles and disciplines. In January 2023 we assisted in hosting the WHAF world cup qualifier and 12 international countries were represented.



We offer introductory archery lessons with ground shooting to establish technique before getting on the horse. We cover various drawing techniques that are required in horseback archery, as well as bow set-up, types of quivers, types of arrows and how to hold arrows while riding. We offer horseback archery lessons in the Hungarian style. Also, competition preparation, training days as well as clinics. We do not offer basic horse-riding lessons and it is assumed that any person who would like to enter the sport can already ride and canter the horse. For more time in the saddle and to build better confidence we would like to recommend long-distance riding experiences like endurance riding. For more info on endurance riding, please visit: www.premierequestrainclub.co.za Apart from the training, we offer custom-made bows, arrows, and quivers.