WHAF (World Horse Archery Federation)
World Cup Qualifier 2023
South Africa.

Proudly sponsored by Height Safe 360.
Hosted by Premier Equestrian Club @Rosefield Polo Club
Guests stayed @ Idle Winds Lodge and Spa.

This event was the very first for the development and improvement of horseback archery in South Africa.
Truly a World Cup event, with 40 competitors from 12 countries.

The competition started
16 January: Registration, Track briefing and Horse Selection.
17 January: WFEA Kassai basic track.
Special thanks to Daniel Griffin from South Africa, who was the official judge for this style.
18 January: WHAF Serial Shot and Turkish Qabac.
19 January: Nomad Team Event. It consisted of horseback archery and tent pegging. Events were Persian Style, Cossack Style and the Mongolian Retreat.
This was also the very first time that the Mongolian retreat event was presented in a competition.

The very early mornings with track set up and horse preparations as well as trying to keep our guests happy from such diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, left us exhausted and relieved that there were no incidents or accidents.

We had the support of many people and we would like to thank everyone:
– Mr Fuad Amaldaki, the vice chairman of WHAF, for allowing us to host this event.
– Michal Sanchenko for supporting the judges and transferring all your knowledge and experience to all the judges.
– Moolmanshoek (Wiesman Nel): For providing the boer per horses that made up the bulk of horses used during the competition. It took a team of helpers throughout November and December to condition and prepare these horses.
– Gabby, Che, Jethro, Paul, Emma, Elke, Frits and Mieke Haas, for putting their skill, time effort and patience into preparing these horses.
-The Premier Club: Chairman Danie Bierman and the secretary Alicia Olewagen. Thanks for not strangling me after each phone call.
– Dan and Ronel Wilson for their stretch tent.
– Admin and co-ordinators: Zelda Claasen and Carol Lee Fowler.
– Talita Serfontein; The saddle and horse master, for looking after the horses’ welfare and all the saddling and tack.
– Willemien Moraal: The Vet that was always on call to look after each horse.
– Amali Rachke: For being the head judge, calculating results.
– Etienne and Onica Roux for all your support on the track build-up, wifi and radios.
– Rozelle and Riaan Thalma with all the Plotrotte support on running around.
– Arend Elof: The hand-sculpted trophies.
– Aadil Adamjee and Abdullah Safodien: For all the Halaal food and preparations.
– Mario van Heerden: Logistics support and problem-solving.
– Hamid Shokouhi: Photographer
– Middernag gedagtes Team (Gorden, Jethro, Bester, Vascu, Winford): For assisting with track building and all maintenance work.
– Epol (Hannah): For sponsoring feed for the horses.
– Jaco Jacobs: For the timer, tent pegging gallows and horses.
– Zubair Master: For his horses.
– Mamluk Archery: For the 1st prize bow of the Qabac.

However one person in particular made the event possible and had enough faith to pull this off. When we all thought he bit off more than he could chew, he kept on pursuing this dream he had for Horseback Archery. Thank you to Johan du Toit, for never giving up on your dream. Thank you for your time, effort and perseverance.
Your determined spirit left all of us in awe.🔥